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Activities for Patients of Alzheimer’s Care

Activities for Patients of Alzheimer’s Care

 You have a loved one with Alzheimer’s, and you have read that doing activities is good for people with this debilitating disease. But what kind of activities should they do? Here are some suggestions then for your loved one:

Puzzles and crosswords puzzles: When your family member is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, keeping his or her mind active is important so it doesn’t shut down. Puzzles are an excellent thing for this depending, once again, upon how advanced the disease is. You can use then a 100 piece puzzle, which is a good size for piecing together, and can be bought at Dollar Stores. Just make sure whatever puzzle you buy has a large assortment of various colors. It can confuse Alzheimer’s sufferers if there are too many pieces of the same color. Also separate the outside pieces from the inside ones so that only one area will be concentrated on at a time. Then have him or her start on the outside. When the outside is done, then he or she can work on the inside. Don’t be afraid to do it together if you both like this kind of activity.

Take a walk to the mailbox: Your loved one may not like to go for a walk but may enjoy getting the mail. Once you have him out of the house then, you may be able to distract your loved one to go a bit further by showing him or her the neighbor’s new puppy or a new flower bed you planted.

Coloring: This is a great activity for simple decision making because colors have to be picked and lines stayed between. It’s also good for focus and stress relief.

Folding clothes: Because there is something methodical and repetitious about folding laundry, this is a great activity. Towels, washrags and dishtowels are the easiest to fold. This will give your family member a sense of accomplishment as well.

Going for a drive: Sometimes just a change of scenery can be soothing for your senior. Driving to somewhere familiar or a place that is comfortable to visit is a pleasant distraction. You can drive or park and watch people walking, if you’re in the city, or look at the cows if you’re driving through the country.

Cleaning up around the house: You can have your family member sweep the kitchen, wipe off the table, dry the pots and pans or even hold open the trash bag for you. And when the job is done a sense of team accomplishment and belonging is achieved.

The important thing to do is to select the best time of day for your senior to partake in the different activities. If he or she is more energetic in the afternoon, go for a walk. If he or she is more focused in the morning, do a puzzle. If one activity doesn’t work on that particular day, have an alternate one ready. Also, don’t be too timid to try something new and different as an activity to see if you can peak your senior’s interest.

 For a person who’s in Alzheimer’s care, regardless of where, the day can be long and boring. You can make a difference though by using fun or purposeful activities depending upon the progression of the illness. And they are activities you can share in.

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